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Understanding Osias Arbitrage Platform #

Our sophisticated and user-friendly platform has access to over 100 cryptocurrency exchanges and offers the user the ability to seek and execute the most profitable arbitrage opportunities. Our arbitrage platform can be used to trade manually, semi-automated, or fully automated. The platform constantly monitors all the 100 exchanges and uses order book matching along with statistical methods to predict the most profitable potential Arbitrage Opportunities. There is no need for additional software downloads as Osias Crypto is a cloud-based solution offering the end-user a web trading platform with all the statistical reports on arbitrages, the ability to manage the auto trading software, and full historical data on previous trades.

Key Characteristics

  • Access to 100 Exchanges (Image) with over 3000 cryptocurrencies
  • Constant monitoring of all listed exchanges for the purpose of exposing potential arbitrage opportunities with immediate execution possibilities.
  • Fully Automated Trading (Image)
  • Take advantage of unlimited potential arbitrage opportunities with our state-of-the-art algorithmic technology that reacts instantly to pricing discrepancies amongst exchanges.
  • Statistical Tool Optimizer (Image)
  • Our extensive statistical reporting system will allow you to optimize your strategy by accessing data such as the most profitable historical arbitrages, the best time to trade, a full review of trading history.
  • Exchange Order Book Matching (Image)
  • Collection of real-time market data on a cross-exchange order book directly on our platform revealing the price differences across exchanges providing potential arbitrage opportunities.
  • Automated Trading with Trade Finder (Image)
  • Do not miss out on potential arbitrage opportunities with our automated trading software

Trading Methods

Our platform offers its user two methods of trading:

  • Semi-Automated:
  • Fully-Automated: The fully automated feature allows you to optimize the Trade Finder according to your strategy or investment style and continuously seeks and executes the most profitable arbitrage opportunities for you.
  • Cryptopia
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